Joshie. Spearmint Lip Balm
joshie. Spearmint Lip Balm

Spearmint Lip Balm

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If you are looking for an everyday lip balm for regular wear and extended hydration, then joshie Spearmint might be it!

Using a gentle mint, this lip balm is perfect for everyday use and for locking the moisture in. Always made with 100% natural ingredients, joshie Spearmint lip balm locks in the moisture to keep your lips luscious all day long.

This lip balm is mega refreshing and made from natural ingredients including coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, carnauba wax, jojoba oil, and spearmint essential oils.

All of these fresh ingredients work together to create a hydrating and long-lasting lip balm for any- and everyone.

Keep those lovely lips hydrated and happy with joshie Spearmint lip balm.

Application: Firm



Customer Reviews

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So good

My stepdaughter (5) has taken this one from me and loves it so much. She gets really dry lips and loves having her own lip balm, it has helped her lips so much

Irene Taylor

Awesome lip balm keeps lips moist longer and taste like you have chewing gum