About joshie

Lips stating Shhh...
joshie was created with everyone in mind. A new type of lip balm, joshie is made with only the best and most natural ingredients. What makes it stand out from the rest is that it was created to last. I wanted to create a product that was natural and long-lasting so that you aren’t having to reapply every hour or so. This product is top quality and is made to make everyone’s lips happy and keep them healthy. All natural and made with love, our products are worth a try.
Who Are We?
joshie was born with the intention of finding and using the best ingredients in New Zealand. With the humble idea of good, classic products that last, joshie aims to build strong and lasting connections with their customers. We not only care about our products, but we care about the people using our products as well. As opposed to many other companies, joshie wants to ensure that each and every customer that uses their products is satisfied. We know that once you try joshie, you will be hooked.
Who are joshie Products For?
 If you are thinking that joshie was made specifically with female clientele in mind, think again. joshie products were made with the intention of serving everyone, males and females alike. Our products are designed with care for each and every person, no matter their gender, age, or nationality. We are dedicated to creating a product that everyone can be confident in using and that will last for a long time.
Why Should You Try joshie?
Not only is joshie concerned with creating the best products possible for customers, but we are also committed to making all natural products from the best ingredients around New Zealand. At joshie, we hold our standards high and our clients’ standards even higher.